Time Presentation
Wednesday 26th
09:00-10:00 Fernanda Foertter (NVIDIA,USA), Doing more with less: democratizing HPC across scientific domains
14:00-15:00 Jean Marc Denis (EIP, France), Introduction to the European Processor Initiative
Thursday 27th
09:00-10:00 Jesus Carretero (UC3M,Spain), Covergence Big-Data – HPC for the Exascale Programming
14:00-15:00 Luis Núñez (UIS,Colombia) HPC in LA: from cargo cult to appropriation. A User Perspective
Friday 28th
09:00-10:00 Stefano Cozzini (eXact lab, Italy), Designing HPC infrastructure to address data challenges in science and industry
11:45-12:30 Álvaro de la Ossa, Complexity and validity of AI models of human cognitive capacities

Industrial Talks

Time Presentation
Wednesday 26th
11:45-12:30 Jairo Reyes (IBM), Accelerate and streamline AI and HPC workloads with new IBM POWER9 Systems
15:30-16:15 Jaime Puente (Lenovo), The Convergence of AI and HPC
Thursday 27th
11:45-12:30 Robinson Rivas, Introduction to blockchain technlogy and ecosystem
15:30-16:15 Fabio Alves (HPe), Accelerate innovation with modeling and  simulation insights powered by High Performance Computing

Papers Presentations (Scientific Talks)

Time Topic Paper No Title
Wednesday 26th
10:30-10:45 Deep Learning 26 John Anderson Garcia Heano, Fréedéric Precioso, Pascal Staccini and Michel Riveill. Parallel and Distributed Processing for Unsupervised Patient Phenotype Representation
10:45-11:00 1 Nicolas Bernard and Franck Leprevost. Evolutionary Algorithms for Convolutional Neural Network Visualisation
11:00-11:15 28 Pablo Guillen-Rondon, Melvin Robinson and Jerry Ebalunode. Breast Cancer Classification: A Deep Learning Approach for Digital Pathology
11:15-11:30 GPU 12 Sergio Ruiz and Benjamin Hernandez. A Hybrid Reinforcement Learning and Cellular Automata Model for Crowd Simulation on the GPU
11:30-11:45 2 John Osorio, Andres Castano, Oscar Henao and Juan Hincapie. In-situ Visualization of the Propagation of the Electric Potential in a Human Atrial Model using GPU
16:15-16:30 23 Maria Pantoja, Derek Nola, Elena Paraschiv, Gerardo Fernandez-Escribano and Damian Ruiz-Col. GPU Acceleration for Directional Variance based Intra-prediction in HEVC
16:30-16:45 11 Jorge Monsegny, Jonathan Arley Monsalve, Kareth León López, Maria Duarte, Sandra Becerra Suarez, William Mauricio Agudelo and Henry Arguello
16:45-17:00 10 Pablo Pavan, Matheus S. Serpa, Emmanuell Diaz Carreño, Victor Martinez, Edson Luiz Padoin, Philippe Navaux, Jairo Panetta and Jean-François Mehaut. Improving Performance and Energy Efficiency of Geophysics Applications on GPU Architectures
17:00-17:15 20 Julien Loiseau, François Alin, Christophe Jaillet and Michaël Krajecki. FleCSPHg: A GPU Accelerated Framework for Physics and Astrophysics Simulations
Thursday 27th
10:30-10:45 Applications 3 Nestor Rocchetti, Sergio Nesmachnow and Gonzalo Tancredi. Comparison of tree based strategy for parallel simulation of self-gravity in agglomerates
10:45-11:00 17 Sebastián Caballero, Andrés Baranzano and Sergio Nesmachnow. Parallel implementations of self-gravity calculation for small astronomical bodies on Xeon Phi
11:00-11:15 14 Guillermo Araya, Guillermo Marin, Fernando Cucchietti, Irene Meta and Rogeli Grima. Visualization of a jet in turbulent crossflow
11:15-11:30 9 Maria Pantoja, Andrew Adriance and Chris Lupo. Acceleration of Hydrology Simulations using DHSVM For Multi-Thousand Runs and Uncertainty Assessment
11:30-11:45 25 Frederico Cabral, Carla Osthoff Barros, Roberto Souto, Gabriel Costa, Sanderson L. Gonzaga de Oliveira, Diego Brandao and Mauricio Kischinhevsky. Fine-tuning an OpenMP-based TVD–Hopmoc method using Intel Parallel Studio XE tools on Intel Architectures
16:15-16:30 Performance Evaluation 15 Victor Martinez, Matheus S. Serpa, Pablo J. Pavan, Edson Luiz Padoin and Philippe Navaux. Perfomance Evaluation of Stencil Computations based on Source-to-Source Transformations
16:30-16:45 22 José A. Moriñigo, Pablo García-Muller, Antonio J. Rubio-Montero, Antonio Gómez-Iglesias, Norbert Meyer and Rafael Mayo-García. Benchmarking LAMMPS: Sensitivity to Task Location under CPU-based Weak-scaling
16:45-17:00 27 Manfred Calvo, Diego Jiménez and Esteban Meneses. Analyzing Communication Features and Community Structure of HPC Applications
17:00-17:15 36 Mauricio D. Mazuecos Pérez, Nahuel G. Seiler, Carlos Sergio Bederián, Nicolás Wolovick and Augusto J. Vega. Power Efficiency Analysis of a Deep Learning Workload on an IBM “Minsky” Platform
17:15-17:30 Special Talk Alfredo Santillán, Seventy Years of Super Computing in Mexico
Friday 28th
10:30-10:45 Platforms and Infrastructures 5 Andrei Tchernykh, Alexander Feoktistov, Sergei Gorsky, Ivan Sidorov, Roman Kostromin, Igor Bychkov, Olga Basharina, Vassil Alexandrov and Rivera-Rodriguez Rivera-Rodriguez. Orlando Tools: Development, Training, and Use of Scalable Applications in Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Environments
10:45-11:00 18 Gilberto Diaz, Pablo Rojas and Carlos Barrios Methodology for Tailored Linux Distributions Development for HPC Embedded Systems
11:00-11:15 Cloud 32 Santiago Iturriaga, Gerardo Goñi, Sergio Nesmachnow, Bernabe Dorronsoro and Andrei Tchernykh. Cost and QoS optimization of cloud-based Content Distribution Networks using evolutionary algorithms
11:15-11:30 6 Esteban C. Lopez- Falcon, Vanessa Miranda-López, Andrei Tchernykh, Mikhail Babenko and Arutyun Avetisyan. Bi-objective Analysis of an Adaptive Secure Data Storage in a Multi-cloud
11:30-11:45 24 Carlos E. Gomez, Jaime Chavarriaga and Harold E. Castro. Fault Characterization and Mitigation Strategies in Cloud Desktop Systems